About Us

Bikety is a company that fixes bikes onsite. It operates in residential buildings that are equipped with bike rooms by sending mechanics to fix any problems the bikes might have right there, eliminating the need for the user to bring the bike to the shop.

For the user

Bikety works in a very simple way

The Resident Register his/her bikes in Bikety’s website or through its app. From that moment, anytime one of the bikes has a problem and needs service, the user just notifies Bikety through the app (they can also request service by web or phone). Bikety will send them a quote with the cost and the estimated day when the bike will be ready, and once the user approves that quote, the bike will be ready in the bike room by the day established. The user enters the credit card data in the app (web or phone also available) and once the job is done the credit card gets billed automatically in the amount quoted initially. Sign Up Now →

For the building

Bike room management

bikety-for-buildings For many buildings the management of the bike room poses a problem. In these cases, Bikety would take over the management of the bike room, establishing its own system of assigning spaces for registered bikes. Once bikes are registered in the bike room, they would automatically be registered for the service also. As part of the management of the bike rooms, Bikety can also provide security systems. Contact Us Today →